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February 26, 2018

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 4.31.26 PMIt’s difficult to put into words the transformations that occur inside a Dale Carnegie Course. Participants describe the experience as “life changing,” “incredible,” “invaluable,” and so much more. Our president, Nancy Covert, asked a recent graduate, Stuart Hall of State Farm Insurance about his experience. Below is how he described his time in the program.

How did you get involved in Dale Carnegie Training?

Thomas Waters, the State Farm Agent that I work with develops his associates by utilizing the Dale Carnegie Course.  Thomas is one of the most successful and respected Agents in the Birmingham, AL area.  He has sent many of his team to the programs over the years.

What is your role at State Farm?

I am primarily responsible for the acquisition of new business.  I also do household reviews, financial services for existing clients and strengthen relationships.  I make sure there are no gaps in their coverage.

Can you tell me about your Dale Carnegie experience?

I enjoyed it tremendously!  Our class shared experiences each week and related with each other.  Robert (our instructor) was great and engaging.  He was so engaging that we didn’t notice the passage of time.  Learning about the different ways to apply the Dale Carnegie at work was incredible.  Each week we discussed how we were are applying the principles and learned from each other.

I am much more aware of holding on to names.  I recognize a person’s name on a nametag and remember them.  I make a note to recall  names during my conversations.  I make sure to end every conversation by acknowledging the person’s name.  I have also used memory tools and taught my oldest daughter to use this technique.

Can you tell me one word that describes your Dale Carnegie experience?

One word that describes my Dale Carnegie experience is valuable.  It applies to everyday life – personal and professional.  It brings a whole lot of value.

One assignment in the Dale Carnegie Course was to write a note to someone and tell them how you felt about them. I chose my daughter and told her about her wonderful attributes and qualities.  I gave her the card and forgot about it after the Session.  When we were moving last March, 14 months after the program, we were packing the things hung on her wall in her bedroom and I found the card amongst other things of honor- race numbers, pictures.  This was among her place of honor.  She cherished it that much that she kept it with her most important memories.  This brought tears to my eyes.


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