Do you make a positive first impression every time you deliver a presentation?

February 26, 2018

Microphone On Color BackgroundReflect on the last major presentation you gave—did you enter the stage or approach the podium walking boldly with confidence?  Were you able to wow the audience within the first thirty seconds?  Did you use non-verbal communication to strengthen your introduction?

It’s critical to make a positive first impression before you even begin speaking because you have everyone’s attention and communication experts concur that the audience is already forming opinions about you.  Moreover, whether you’re speaking in front of a large group or meeting the press, you’ll never have a chance to make a second impression.  Even if you’ve practiced delivering your presentation a dozen times and know its content backwards and forwards, without a powerful first impression, you risk losing your entire audience from the get-go.

Dale Carnegie said, “Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident.”  An important aspect of powerful public speaking is ensuring your non-verbal and verbal communication are congruent.  Using your gestures and voice’s intonation is a proven way to connect confidently with the audience so you capture their attention long enough to establish credibility and keep them interested in what you have to say. 

Expert presenters have learned specific skills which enable them to not only make a powerful, positive, first impression, but also how to handle impromptu remarks and compel the audience to take action.  These are just a few of the critical techniques taught in the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course.  Participants also learn to communicate boldly before any constituency, under any conditions, in a small, supportive environment. 

If you’re ready to make measurable gains in better communication and enhance your personal image, check out the upcoming dates for the High Impact Presentations two-day seminar.

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