Can you conjure the confidence to conquer anything?

January 22, 2018


When was the last time you encountered a high-stakes situation and needed to summon your self-confidence?  Perhaps it was during an interview for a position you really hoped to land or before an important presentation to a large group of people.  Were you able to conjure the confidence within to energize your communication and ultimately win people to your way of thinking?

Wouldn’t it feel great to think on our feet and not feel inhibited? It’s not unusual to be nervous about impromptu situations – even the most talented speakers must work to overcome feeling nervous. Mastering thinking on your feet often opens up opportunities for job promotions and for us to be seen as effective leaders.

Look at successful business people and it’s easy to see how their self-confidence enables them to inspire and motivate others to take action. Effective, confident communicators use Dale Carnegie’s concept of the three E’s. They know they have earned the right, they are excited about the topic, and they are eager to share. In addition, they will keep these three steps in mind when in a situation where their opinion is likely to be asked:

  1. Be mentally ready by avoiding negative self-talk.
  2. Start your response with an example to free yourself from having to think about your next sentence and your first-moment jitters will vanish. An example will also enlist the attention of your listeners immediately.
  3. Speak with animation, intensity, and clarity.

Communicating confidently to compel others to your way of thinking is just one of the skills taught in the eight-week Dale Carnegie Course. An alternative format of just three full days is offered in Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar.  Click here to learn more.

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