When communicating with others, do you compel them to take action?

November 13, 2017

Aerial View with People and Text ActionThink back to the last time you tried to persuade someone to your way of thinking.  Did you speak with sincerity, confidence and excitement—and use congruent body language? 

If not, you’re not alone.  It’s difficult to communicate effectively with verbal and non-verbal congruency unless you’ve learned how to do it.  Most people don’t realize that a person’s voice inflection, facial expressions and body language can make up over 90% of their message.  One way to compel people to your way of thinking is to speak in a manner that enables your listeners to feel that you believe every word you say.  Dale Carnegie said, “Merely stating a truth isn’t enough. The truth has to be made vivid, interesting, dramatic. You have to use showmanship.” 

By using descriptive language and aligning our body language to communicate messages, we increase the recipient’s propensity to understand everything we are saying.  For example, if a sale rep. says, “I really hope we can make that work; let me speak with my tech team tomorrow,” without making eye contact and while tapping away on her smartphone, she is sending a mixed message.  The listener may think, “Gee, she can’t be too eager to work with us since she couldn’t bother to look up from her phone.”  The recipient may also interpret the sales person’s non-verbal communication as disrespectful and inconsiderate, and rightly so.  Instead, she should have maintained eye-contact; modified her tone of voice to express sincerity and ended the conversation with a firm handshake. 

Dale Carnegie said, “You can dramatize your ideas in business or in any other aspect of your life. It’s easy.”  Whether you doubt it’s easy or tend to be shy, consider enrolling in the Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar.  You’ll learn how to muster up the courage to not only master effective communication, but also to increase your self-confidence; minimize stress and more—in just three days.  Click here to learn more.

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