4 Important Ingredients in Giving Employee Feedback

August 28, 2014

ambro salespeopleOne of the most important aspects of good leadership is often one that is never considered a top priority for the often too busy executive. Although employee performance is essential for both growth and opportunity, it is important to remember that feedback is essential for any positive change to happen.

For many managers, giving objective feedback is considered too time consumptive, involving notes and documentation. After all, there is only so much time every day. Yet there is great power and influence in giving constructive, conversational feedback to employees.  Through the Dale Carnegie Principles, we know that people make organizations successful. Engaged employees are important investments to move companies here in Alabama forward. Feedback is critical to make the most of everyone’s talents.

Leaders know that increased employee performance increases both engagement and job satisfaction. Through the advice and guidance of positive leadership, work becomes a rewarding experience with many benefits.

Leadership that gives objective feedback through a coaching process helps employees increase both motivation and performance.

Although every interaction is different, managers can focus on four important ingredients:   

  • Appreciate the positives: In every employee, there is value
  • Communicate on a regular basis: Performance conversations have better results when there is a relationship
  • Focus on common goals and objectives: Teamwork keeps everyone focused on success   
  • Know the issue: Documentation facilitates the understanding and purpose of the feedback

It is important to note that feedback, both good and bad, can make people better. Leaders also want to improve and listening to employees can increase overall satisfaction for everyone.

The advice of Dale Carnegie still rings true today: “It is the way we react to circumstances that determine our feelings.”

Mentoring that is supported by positive feedback is at the heart of organizational success. Leading by example sets the tone for relationships to grow. For feedback to be successful, it is all about relationships.

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