7 Priorities that Create Leadership Success

August 17, 2014

In today’s organizations, leaders often need to stop and reflect at what they are doing and what is being accomplished. For some leadership in Alabama, it might just be for a quick moment to adjust and assess opportunity. For others, it takes a little time; putting thoughts to pen and paper in the efforts to grow as a knowledgeable professional and as a manager.

luigi diamanti leadersThrough the important strategies of the Carnegie Leadership Principles, a list of significant priorities can be gathered and grouped to act as a checklist for both guidance and success. We offer seven key areas of focus:

  • Lead and follow: Lead with ethics and integrity and follow both vision and mission.
  • Learn every day: Growth and education go together to make leadership even better across any organization.
  • Win friends and influence people: The heart of leadership is driven by the foundations of Dale Carnegie Training.
  • Take care of others: Achievement always happens through people. Leaders that provide the tools and build the talent needed for success are always creating opportunity.
  • Read what other leaders are doing: Study what others are doing in leadership today. The current skills that are needed in 2014 are much different than in the past. 
  • Be organized: The most timeless of priorities is the one of development and preparation. Keeping things moving through planning and communication keeps everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction.
  • Never lead alone: In today’s challenging economic environments, leadership needs both guidance and support to grow. Tapping the advice of others can help minimize the mistakes and maximize the completion of goals and objectives.

When managers take a moment to assess current activities and the future, they stay focused on what is important. Accountability, understanding, and purpose are central to honest reflections of leadership.

Everyone in the company or organization depends on the quality of the decisions that are made every day. Successes and failures happen in every single business. It is through the consistency of leadership that makes opportunity possible. Take the time to review the above checklist in the efforts to build both relationships and engagement. Through good leadership everything is possible.

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