8 Leadership Ingredients that Make a Difference

August 8, 2014

happy stock images 4-9-14As we look at management from a training prospectus, the professionals at Dale Carnegie Training know that there is an array of challenges that complicate our organizations across Alabama. Great demands are expected for success every day, and it is up to leadership to provide the clear direction and foundation for everyone on the team. Solving problems are integral to completing goals and objectives, yet it is the management of opportunities and the resolution of issues that can build success and achievement.

To combat the challenges of leadership, from the mundane and the extraordinary, it is critical to have a solid portfolio of skills to create and move agendas forward.

Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama offers the following eight leadership ingredients that make the difference:

  • Face situations quickly and directly: Adjust and fix issues as they come
  • Focus on commonality with others: The mission should always center on unity and harmony
  • Be objective with employee performance: Keep subjective assessment to a minimum
  • Collaborate across and with all levels: Communication drives every aspect of growth
  • Actively listen: Information and retention are important tools
  • Be creative: It is okay to take risks and challenge the unknown
  • Pay attention: Although leadership cannot know everything, it needs to be familiar with all aspects of the organization  
  • Focus on clear goals and intentions: Definable and measurable opportunities get people on board  

The biggest task for any manager is at the beginning and at the end of any organizational change. Launching opportunity and leading the process depends on engagement and teamwork. No one individual has the talent and expertise to grow business success.

The lack of confidence, errors and mistakes, and impatience by the management team are red flags for good employees and their collective efforts. Take constructive criticism with an open mind and know that opportunities come from both clear vision and ethical principles. Use any feedback to make the adjustments needed. Although the challenges are often enormous, the results make it all worthwhile.

Leaders, engaged employees and opportunity blend for success every time.

Please visit our website and review our Dale Carnegie vision, mission, and core values. Each one focuses on helping people achieve unlimited success for their personal and professional lives.


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