5 Tips for Remembering Someone’s Name

July 12, 2014

ID-100246891Forgetting someone’s name can lead to a huge embarrassment when you are in a professional situation. And if you do this, the other person may wonder if they are really more than just a number or part of your profit margin.

To prevent you from having an awkward situation with an employee, customer or vendor, you should make an effort to consistently remember names. Here are five tips for making that happen from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training Alabama:

1. Listen And Repeat — When you meet someone, they often give their name quickly and we may not have heard it clearly. If the conversation is truly engrossing, it is possible that you will forget your new associate’s name within the next few minutes. To avoid this, listen carefully for the other person’s name and repeat it. “It’s nice to meet you, ____. My name is ___.”

2. Association Equals Retention — If you can associate someone’s name with a person, place or feeling, you will be more likely to remember that name. You could associate new acquaintances with the place you met or the person who introduced you. Do they share a first name with a celebrity?  A rhyme could also help, such as “Frank who works at the bank.”

3. Write Their Name Down — Writing is another means of repeating information, and that will help you remember a person’s name. If you receive a business card after talking to someone, jot down a few notes on the back describing what you discussed or who introduced you. This will help you associate a person’s name with what you learned about them.

4. Make A New Introduction — An easy and polite way to remember someone’s name is to introduce that new person to somebody you already know. Facilitating another introduction will also help the other person remember your name and associate you with helpfulness.

5. Make An Effort — A lot of people think of themselves as being “bad with names.”  Do not think of yourself that way—after all, you are already on the road to improving your abilities. If you really want to improve your skills, make an effort to remember someone’s name by practicing the techniques listed above over the next several days — even when you are in a social situation.

Name retention is not an easy skill for everyone, but with simple etiquette and memory techniques, you can improve at recalling names. This will serve to improve your business relationships as everyone likes to be remembered.

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