5 Strategies to Manage Workplace Conflict

July 11, 2014

Franky 242 conflictIssues at work across Alabama can often be brushed aside as normal office politics. They might at times be considered conflict in the workplace. The one thing for certain is that eventually everyone who works in an environment filled with people and teams finds disagreement with others involving personal and work issues.

Simple conflict can cause confrontation, avoidance, lessened productivity, misunderstandings, grudges, and anxiety. More hardened conflict can eventually explode into workplace violence. For leadership in today’s fast paced environments, tense work situations are often a major challenge to manage, let alone resolve.

There are effective lessons found in the Dale Carnegie Training Internal Conflict Resolution Guidebook in understanding the reactions to conflict, and analyzing each situation for the best approach to achieve a positive resolution.

Dale Carnegie Training offers five strategies to manage workplace conflict:

  • Analyze every issue without bias
  • Focus on the relationships and create the best approach
  • Create an action plan that is definable and measurable
  • Resolve every conflict with open communication and teamwork
  • Mend the relationships with an authentic commitment to move forward

A majority of employee conflicts start small and build into larger concerns. The fast pace of the typical work schedule and pressures to succeed make handling conflict as important as handling productivity. Both are closely interrelated. As with any resolution at work, accountability and engagement can help to rebuild misunderstandings and move things forward in a positive way.

An important component to any stressful situation is the willingness to be flexible. Looking at the situation form the other person’s perspective is all about winning friends and influencing people.

In the hiring process, the assessment of a candidate’s “soft” skills is just as important as the resume itself. Interpersonal skills are very marketable and hold high value in a culturally diversified workforce.

Often the best strategy in any conflict is open and honest communication where all concerns come to the forefront. Working together, even in tense situations, is still at the heart of the Carnegie core values. The fostering of teamwork can really make the difference.

In association with this post on conflict, we offer a Conflict Resolution Guide that is easily downloaded for your team to read to increase employee development.


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