9 Ingredients for Good Salespeople

May 29, 2014

ambro salespeopleThe sales profession is all about continually raising individual standards through improving expertise and knowledge. Across Alabama, the retail sales environment is a growing one for many salespeople. Taking action is the daily game plan for many; it is all about sharing opportunity and building relationships and referrals. The profession today is both interactive and engaging in a number of areas.

The 9 ingredients for good salespeople involve the following skills:

  • Active listening: One of the most important tools for gathering information is still a challenge during an active sale; this is a skill that can always be improved upon.
  • Managing objectives (targets) and goals (results): The clearer the focus, the better the success. Knowing and understanding what to do can make a huge difference in growth.
  • Organizing and planning: The game plan is everything. Self-management is essential to build results.
  • Positive personality and attitude: Clients enjoy working with salespeople they like. It is a key reason for success.
  • Networking skills: Events and social media bring visibility to the salesperson and to the products and services. It is all about who knows you and recommends your services. 
  • Product and service expertise: Knowing everything about the product and service establishes credibility. People enjoy working with knowledgeable professionals.
  • Accountability and ownership: Responsibility and building relationships go together. Salespeople can control their own destiny.
  • Success driven: Everything is done in sales to get better and improve opportunity. Every day is better than the last.
  • Good presentation and close: Customers love to buy. Doing it right is critical. Good salespeople do not sell anything. They must create the positive environment for clients to make good decisions.   

Dale Carnegie Training is an investment in sales potential and an important driver of success. The above ingredients are both teachable and learnable and help create continuous improvement. Our sales classes support the ability to focus on excellence and they share the continuous improvement for client management and caring for their needs and wants.

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