Is Organizational Leadership Simple or Complex?

May 1, 2014
david castillo dominici meetingLeadership is often considered a very complex skill that requires a deep overall prospectus to achieve success. But often leadership across Birmingham is as successful and as simple as the relationships it has in the organization itself. There are no perfect leaders and everyone makes mistakes. In fact, leadership is much like life. Imperfections indeed exist.  Success is at times very hard to achieve. It is important to remember that in complete simplicity, the Dale Carnegie Principles focus on opportunity in both decision making and problem solving. How to Win Friends and Influence People in a positive way has been foundation for leadership and process improvement since 1936.

Leaders often find success and minimize mistakes that maximize opportunity when they create game plans that involve others:

  • People are at the heart of leadership: Often a manager’s focus is only on processes, procedures, reports, and data; leadership sometimes forgets that without engaged employees there is no organization and without people there is no leadership.
  • Focusing collectively on tasks and effort: The development of clear goals and objectives is a constant challenge. Every individual in the organization has to be on board. With everyone on board, consistency and purpose happen with better results.
  • Engage everyone in the organization:  Great ideas and solutions come from the very people doing the job each and every day. Asking for ideas and solutions is a great strategy for the entire team. The experts always are the ones doing the job.
  • Welcome creativity from every corner: This strategy makes great sense. Listening to the good, the bad and the promising makes process improvement a lot simpler. Welcome an open door policy and all the commentary that comes with it day-to-day.

If an organization is unsuccessful, it is because it does none of these above points with timely consistency.

Focus, commitment, and engagement are the three variable of success using the Carnegie Principles


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