How to Take Your Written Communication to the Next Level

April 19, 2014

ID-100144689Individuals who communicate effectively with their writing at all levels are embracing an incredibly powerful tool. Unlike the old days of hierarchical business structures, effective communication today is not a process of writing out commands, but rather being a creator of environments that motivate people to perform at their best.

Effective communication in the written form centers on your desire to communicate, which means enlarging your vocabulary on a constant basis; allowing yourself to achieve eloquence, and helping to improve your sentence structure. Desire also helps you to overcome any fears and to continually find new and innovative ways that will make written communication easier and accessible.

Words, vocabulary and great grammar skills aren’t the only requisite for effective communication. Many people make the mistake of being grammatically correct, but pay little attention to how that translates into being effective. One important rule in writing effectively is to make the communication clear and understandable. Everyday vocabulary, written in a friendly and conversational manner, is more useful to, and will always be better received by, the recipient.

Continual practice in effective written communication cannot be over-stressed. Don’t be content with just being good, but rather attempt to become superb. Remember, it’s not enough to simply write well, you must also be a motivator and a creator. The techniques of communication should become an integral part of your daily routine so that no matter where you are the process becomes natural.

Finally, don’t get discouraged if the level of your written communications doesn’t transform overnight. Thomas Edison had more failures than successes, and Michelangelo didn’t create David with his first piece of marble.  So, too, having the best effective communication skills, you need to know it takes time. But with desire, knowledge of the process, mastering the basic skills, and a little practice and patience, you can be an inspiration to those around you.

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