The Leader in You

April 18, 2014

luigi diamanti leadersIt is a world of change as we head more deeply into 2014 with the continuous focus on the future. As challenges grow with the still slower economy, leadership here in Alabama must watch their respective competition to assess both the successes and the failures.

Within the pages of the business classic, The Leader in You, the Carnegie Principles set the tone for leadership as the “fine art of getting along with people in everyday business and social contacts.” Within leadership, human relations become the driver for both growth and opportunity.

Originally, Dale Carnegie placed his earliest thoughts on 3×5 cards, establishing his core curriculum for his classes in the late 1930’s. He knew that leaders needed process and his principles of human relations to grow what he considered an organization’s most precious possession: the people who work there.

Through Carnegie training, knowledge becomes the heart of leadership discovery when applied to the challenges we face every day. The results, according to the Carnegie Principles, drive success.

Just as the world and the economy is in constant change, leaders must change as well. Education and training are the important conduits for opportunity. It is essential to focus on customers and positive relationships. The ability to present values, vision, communication, and motivation are the ingredients for effective change.

Good leadership, according to Dale Carnegie, evolves from managing to truly leading through the focus of both guidance and collaboration. Communication and teamwork build engagement and success. The engaged employee contributes more and builds allegiance. This factor of loyalty minimizes turnover and builds profitability through experience. Paying attention to the workforce and involving everyone in both goals and objectives are core aspects in the application of the Carnegie Principles.

Engagement and involvement grow quality and customer service, and maintain stability through teamwork and action. How to win friends and influence people, and succeed in a changing economy creates an inspiring plan that builds leadership success.

Finding the leader in you is the best approach for the future and it means success for everyone.


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