5 Ingredients for Effective Presentations

April 5, 2014

ambro speechesPresentations move businesses and careers in positive directions. They are an important aspect of leadership communication here in Alabama and across the country. The essential skills of informal and formal public speaking are necessary in the boardroom and on the shop floor. Clients, suppliers, general audiences, colleagues and teams offer an array of occasions for verbal delivery that involves others.

Information and presentation go hand-in-hand, and speaking in these settings is necessary for managers, facilitators, and trainers. Whether the situation is in front of outside groups, employees or the press, practice is important.

The five ingredients of effective presentations are very much the same as those of good leadership:

  • Credibility: Tied with believability, public speaking involves trust and authority.
  • Positive impressions: Success happens in the first few moments with the audience.
  • Motivation: The reasons to speak on a subject, or to sit and listen must be of high importance.
  • Inspiration: The message is everything for both the speaker and the listener.
  • Professional image: All eyes are on the podium or the front of the room. Look the expert.

A good opening connects the audience immediately and reaffirms expectations. A story, a humorous set of opening remarks, or a quote early in the speech can set the tone.

  • Practice out loud
  • Time the speech before the actual presentation
  • Put thoughts on note cards and rehearse
  • Stick to the point
  • Finish with a call to action  

The more the actual presentation is practiced in front of the mirror, the smoother it will be. Have everything in place prior to the presentation from the handouts to the AV equipment. Be the first one at the meeting or event to assist in set up and meet the organizers. First impressions are everything.

Researching the topic and organizing the delivery like one would a written report, with an introduction, body and conclusion, will help ensure success. Remember it is normal to be a little nervous. Let nerves work to improve the delivery; after all, what is presented is important. Relax and enjoy center stage!

One of the first modern day public speakers was our own Dale Carnegie. Presentations are important business tools to grow both opportunity and accomplishment. Leadership and communication are integral to success.


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 Photo: Ambro, freedigitalphotos.net

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