Engaging Your Audience as a Public Speaker

March 26, 2014
Public speaking is a skillful form of communication that requires engaging others so that you can influence them in a meaningful way. The best public speakers tap into this area of presentation early on, getting their audience to interact with every speech. If you find that you tend to bore people in conversations, it may be posing as a challenge getting your audience to be fully engaged in your presentations. Here are some tips for getting your point across with enthusiasm and support from your listeners.

How to Keep Your Public Speech Audience Engaged

Create a professional persona. How you present yourself to your audience has as much to do with what you say. Before you utter one word, take a good long look at your appearance, your attire, and your presence to determine if there are areas to improve upon. Match your public speaking topics with the way you present in person. For example, if you are presenting business topics, wear proper business attire. This becomes your persona that will help people correlate your area of expertise with your image.

Improve your vocal tone. Have you ever taken the time to listen to your voice as others hear it? Many times people have a distorted perception of their own voice, which can cause an issue when trying to come across as interesting to others. It’s easy to drone on in a monotone or speak too softly for others to hear your message. Take the time to record yourself and work on the subtle intonations of your voice.

Use technology tools. There are many ways to “wow” your audience as a public speaker, using technology tools to take your presentation to the next level. Consider ways to present your material that provide both visual and audio components. Launch yourself using live and virtual seminars that allow more people to participate and learn from you.

Connect with your audience. To become an effective public speaker, you must find a common ground that allows you to connect with your audience quickly. Take the time to get to know your audience by asking questions and engaging conversation about the topic at hand. Provide ample time to answer, resources for further learning, and lots of friendly eye contact.

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