5 Skills for Effective Leadership

February 4, 2014

mtJFxQYLeadership today in Alabama demands excellence in every aspect of business success. As it develops, so does organizational achievement. In the critical 2014 corporate environment, it is all about fundamentals. Problem solving and decision making are key strategies for innovation and opportunity. They are integral to the modern leader’s skill set. It is interesting to note that most leadership skills are internal, and training supports the development of each and every one.

The following five leadership abilities affect all aspects of the organization, and their improvement helps enhance team development:

  • Motivation: Focus and opportunity must allow the clear pursuit of both goals and objectives
  • Style: Social influence and authority must combine together in a positive way for both direction and coordination.
  • Engagement: Paying attention to detail and involving others are important for interpersonal and group situations.  
  • Delegation: Giving every employee responsibilities that build risk and trust are critical in team development.     
  • Communication: Leadership effectiveness begins and ends with message and vision; goals are completed only through relationships.


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