Employees are the Pipeline for Success

January 16, 2014

jzcreationsz, FDP PS2014 is the year; it is finally here. It is the year that will feature the employee for both effort and organizational opportunity. Here in Alabama, our success and economic growth depends on the quality of talent found within the business and the organization.

Employee-driven companies now react more quickly to the marketplace and show a greater competitive spirit in these still slower economic times. Simply stated, any improvement in people and work teams improves the business. It makes sense. Companies run as trim as they can, and have since 2008. This means that lean businesses must lean on their employee’s talent and skill. In fact, these organizations count on it as the difference maker for both products and services.

Dale Carnegie Training knows employees make companies successful. It is critical to focus on solid recruiting, on boarding, training, and retention. Paying acute attention in the hiring process means a positive future for everyone.

Talent is the new currency in local, state, national, and global work environments. Great people can indeed make a company rich in every sense. Paying attention to each and every employee and tapping them as critical resources makes sense. By definition, that is the core of employee engagement.

Engagement, empowerment, and involvement are core values in the 2014 organization. These values involve everyone; leaders, managers, supervisors, and to the workers themselves. Relationships grow every aspect of success. In fact, growth is core in every respect. Continuous learning should be considered an important corporate benefit. Training makes that happen. Skills like communication and mathematics must be integral in every job responsibility across our state.

Consider having employees alongside recruiters at job fairs. Offer incentives to each team member who brings new talent into the organization. Give people the chance to redefine job responsibilities.

Employee engagement means business. Economic growth cannot happen without them.


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