7 Strategies for Effective Goal Setting in 2014

December 27, 2013

2014As all of us speed into the New Year and say our goodbyes to 2013, we all know that the leader’s road to success is full of curves and challenges. Leadership is a continuous journey and we have to stay focused in a positive direction for our teams and our collective goals.

As we see in recent headlines, today’s leadership can often lack a true direction. Although we all have experienced it in the past, the focus has to be to stay on track and move forward with everyone on the same page. Planning goals and objectives for 2014 is never easy. Yet, managing and setting goals are essential to everything we do in the business environment.

Success is built on solid planning. Businesses that allow leadership to define goals and set objectives are simply more successful than those that just react to situations and make adjustments; providing opportunity and having a clear vision is at the heart of continuous accomplishment.

Every journey has to have a beginning.

The following seven strategies help to create a 2014 goal setting road map:

  1. Visualize the goal: Define each one separately with a degree of planning.
  2. Put it on paper: A sense of ownership begins with this step.
  3. Trust your process: Moving forward with your plan.
  4. Have a start date: Every goal has a beginning.
  5. Adjust and fine tune on a daily basis: No goal is perfect. Corrections can be made from the beginning.
  6. Involve others: Engaging everyone on the team for ideas ensures both opportunity and success.
  7. Celebrate achievement: Acknowledge the success of the team when the goal is reached. It is a special day.

Dale Carnegie Training knows that reasonable goals are driven from reasonable deadlines. Take each goal separately and create a unique and definable process through the above strategies. Achievement comes from clarity and time management. These critical aspects might take some energy in the beginning, but they move the team forward on the road to improvement. For successful organizations, these common sense strategies are well worth the collective effort.

We wish all of our friends and clients the Happiest of Holidays and Season’s Greetings. Make 2014 the best ever!


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