Pay Attention to Details When Applying for a Job Online

November 25, 2013

ID-100129849Putting in job applications online often require just a bit more scrutiny on the applicant’s part. This is because applications submitted online often include “boilerplate” resumes that are tweaked for whatever position the person happens to be applying for.

The problem is details are often overlooked. For example, there is one case of a person who submitted a resume online where the human resources department printed the application and distributed it to the decision makers. The problem was the person was applying for a tech position and failed to change her objective of desiring a full-time position in the fashion industry. Since the candidate had not taken the time to review and change her resume accordingly, the HR department assumed she didn’t have the attention to detail that the position required.

Here are some basic, common sense things to keep in mind when completing an online job application from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama:

Keep it relevant — If you reuse cover letters and resumes when applying online, make sure you customize the message you’re sending to a potential employer. Everything you submit must pertain to the position you’re applying for. Also, don’t forget to check your spelling—one simple error can keep you from getting the interview.

Craft a strong subject line — If the company instructs you as to exactly what it wants in the subject line, make sure you follow their directions explicitly. If they don’t specify anything, complete the subject line with an appropriate topic, such as “Executive Assistant Position.” Never leave the subject line blank as organizations often filter b subject line and one that is empty can be easily ignored.

Pay attention to directions — Some companies intentionally go overboard with their application directions. This is because they want to see how detail-oriented the applicant is. If you are applying for a position that has specific criteria, follow them. If you don’t, it tells the potential employer that you lack attention to detail.

Remember, common sense is the watchword when applying for a job—whether online or not. Don’t get so busy that you neglect the basics and overlook important details. Paying attention to the details just might be the difference between you getting the job ahead of the next person.

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