Get Your Team’s Input on Hiring and Promotions

November 18, 2013

ID-100206959Hirings and promotions often come at the expense of shocked team members who were never consulted on the move. Why, you might ask, should an executive consult with team members in the first place? The answer is that great team leaders go beyond human resources and search firms when making a hire or promoting from within. They also give select team members the opportunity to evaluate or interview the candidates. Team members will often ask questions the executive never thought to ask. They will steer the conversation in different directions and extract information that otherwise would never have been brought to light. Also, since everyone on the team will have to work with the new hire, there’s a better chance of choosing a good fit if the team is involved.

Progressive companies maintain the vision that leaders should serve their subordinates, not the other way around. Therefore, by letting team members interview candidates, important concerns are examined like how closely the candidate intends to work with team members, how available they’ll be, and whom they’d involve in the decision making process.

Team leaders and managers often find these interviews to be the toughest and most thoughtful interviews they’d ever been a part of. Naturally, the team members don’t have final say on who will be hired or promoted, but their input would be combined with the candidate’s leadership profile and interviews conducted by management, and the whole package would e sent to the leader responsible for the final decision.

Consider this approach when conducting your next hiring or promotion process. There’s no reason your organization, whatever its purpose and size are, can’t do the same thing.

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