Employee Engagement and Change

November 13, 2013

jzcreationsz, FDP PSWhen leadership thinks about it, every business is in transition. Here in Alabama,we read about restructurings, buy-outs, and mergers happening every day. With every transition comes change, and it must be managed well to succeed. Managed poorly, the results can create changes to individuals and culture that no one wanted or expected, making things worse.

Employee engagement is critical for successful organizational transition. Each employee needs to play a role in the process. A plan and a purpose must be clearly communicated. Everyone must move forward together and everyone must be on the same page.

Transitions must be managed, and leaders must have a clear direction before changes can take place.  Every adjustment succeeds or fails based on how processes and procedures mesh with both effectiveness and efficiency. In essence, only positive change is worth the time and effort.

It is important to remember that the big changes in organizations involve a series of much smaller changes that collectively add up as the team transitions to a new focus. Adjustments that are made must happen through employees who are committed and see opportunity. It always involves interpersonal relationships that work together to create the necessary outcomes needed for the growth to take place.

Dale Carnegie Training understands that opportunity is a collective effort and the support of everyone is needed.

Change really has to happen a little at a time. Big changes that happen too fast, especially in this still tender economy, can pose big morale issues and miscommunication among the ranks. Transitioning the change as days and weeks pass gives people the chance to buy-in and to work together. Employee involvement is central to this effort and it is tempered by the degree of engagement that leaders give as things do change.

Reorganization is a daily activity in many businesses. Outcomes and results must be important enough that the business transitions with renewed focus and energy.

The key ingredients never change. People must drive the efforts and put the change puzzle together.


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