4 Components of Successful Teams

November 3, 2013

david castillo dominici training 1Workplaces and teams go hand- in-hand across Alabama as partners for success. Individuals, no matter how good they are in their respective responsibilities, can only do a finite amount of productive work on any given day. A group, or team of good people, can make decisions and solve problems at much higher levels than they can as separate and unique employees. Communication is at the heart of this level of opportunity and it is all about employee engagement as the business grows.

In fact, engagement is the most important aspect of potential growth in this still slower economy. Although falling gas prices have improved consumer confidence, there are still a lot of unknowns as we head into 2014.

Organizations that provide resources to teams usually are the most successful, regardless of economic environment. The collective strength from group activity can increase results. Working on processes, goals, and objectives as a team brings together the talent needed into one place to promote purpose.

In positive cultures, employees love the engagement within the teams to work together and grow in fulfilling ways. At the heart of engagement and involvement is fulfillment in virtually every avenue within growth and opportunity.

Putting things together as a TEAM involve four simple components:

T: Trust is integral to group activity and the higher the commitment, the higher the effectiveness.

E: Engagement: Involved employees are usually productive ones.  

A: Attitude: Positive synergy means success.

M: Motivation: Blending want and need, with the willingness to grow with opportunity, is at the heart of organizational strategy.

Everything that is central to business involves community and commitment. Together, teams have increased productivity, make better decisions, and solve problems with greater efficiency.

Employee engagement and Dale Carnegie Training here in Birmingham can come together to grow your company and increase your effectiveness. As we end 2013, it is a great combination for success.


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