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August 12, 2013

ID-100105268It’s gotten to the point where having a blog associated with a business isn’t a choice—it’s a necessity. According to research conducted by MerchantCircle, which is a network for small-business owners, a well-maintained blog can increase traffic to your site by 30 percent. This comes from the steady connection established between you and your customers or site visitors, as well as the steady stream of content that helps the search engines find you. Some of a blog’s strengths when it comes to business include:

Boosting Sales — Business blogs and vlogs (“video log”) are excellent sales tools and provide a perfect forum to promote products, services, sales, policies, and more. And since blogs are regularly updated, they lend themselves to not only continually keeping just products and services in front of customers, but also the benefits of those products and services.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction — Customers who believe a company is listening to them and responding to their needs are more likely to develop an emotional connection with that company. This is an essential part of building customer loyalty and driving repeat sales. Because of a blog’s interactive potential for communication, they’re a great way to initiate conversations with customers, share information, and act as a vehicle for customer feedback.

Communicating a Brand Message — Every business has a brand message and image in the eyes of consumers. Blogs give companies an opportunity to communicate the brand image they want to hold in the marketplace. Consistent branding leads to a sense of security and stability for customers, which are two of the main factors needed to build customer loyalty.

While blogging allows you to interact directly with your customers, the very nature of blogs dictates a set of guidelines unlike those of other marketing methods. For example, it’s important that business blogs be written in a conversational style and inviting tone that welcomes customers and encourages interaction. Consequently, avoid “corporate speak” and traditional business jargon and be responsive to your customers’ comments. Strive to develop a sense of community and make sure the information you offer on your business blog resonates with readers and is updated frequently so they have a reason to return. Yes, it takes an investment in time, but it is time well spent!

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