Ethics and Employee Engagement

August 7, 2013

jscreationzs 3As we head deeper into the year we call 2013, leadership has to consider ethics as one of the traits most essential in any type of organization. With the recent news in San Diego, New York, and even within Major League Baseball, ethics is on center stage across the headlines even here in Alabama.

Ethics when you think about it are a little like watching the Bachelorette. Everyone has a different opinion and a different view of what is really good and bad. There are many definitions, especially in business ethics.

In business, ethics has always involves actions.  Leadership might avoid disciplining poor performance and might just look away. Managers might hesitant to give complete and honest feedback. It could involve someone who is promoted without having that graduate degree as claimed. Many of us might just consider it none of our business.  Maybe we even tell a   “white lie” when we miss work or take supplies home.

We need to remember that true employee engagement and increased opportunity for everyone happens through honesty and trust. Dale Carnegie Training believes ethics are tied to values and morals. Ethics involve important principles, rules, behaviors and beliefs.

In Dale Carnegie’s Ethical Leadership summary, this type of leadership, “requires a consistency of behavior and attitude that can be challenged each day. Ethical leaders have boundaries within which to operate.”

Let’s look at six areas of ethics:

  • E: Ethics involve everyone. It comes from within.
  • T: Trust is critical in every action.
  • H: Honesty is a core value.
  • I: Integrity and behavior shape leadership.
  • C: Communication is grounded in morals and example.
  • S: Standards must be set throughtraining with the focus on employee engagement. Character and accountability must be guiding principles.

What leadership does is indeed in full view of everyone in the organization. And it is based on values. Ethics are tied to many elements; but the most important one is you.


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