Are You Being Paid What You’re Worth?

July 29, 2013

ID-10051986In 2002, Jessie James’ “Monster Garage” debuted on The Discovery Channel, thrusting Jesse squarely into the limelight of reality television. Acting as host and team leader, the show featured custom hot-rodding at its absolute most bizarre. Jesse’s West Coast Choppers became an integral part of the program, and the Monster Garage team often utilizes Jesse’s shop and machinery to help them meet the challenges of the weekly show.

The show led to Jessie’s endorsement of a full line of “Jessie James Industrial Workwear.” Products include men’s outwear, pants, shirts, boots, and accessories, to specialized welder shirts, flame resistant coveralls, safety vests and even children’s clothes.

And through it all, three simple words have acted as his muse in guiding him through good times and bad…

“Pay Up Sucker”

It’s a crude, yet effective, motto. He even had it tattooed on the palm of his right hand so that the “payer” sees it when he extends his hand waiting for payment. And by the way, I should mention that that Jessie only accepts cash for a custom-built, West Coast Chopper. Does it make a little more sense now when you envision $50,000 or more being counted out on that open palm?

He believes in his motto and lives by it for good reason—and so should you and I.

Getting Paid What You’re Worth

There are three essential ingredients to ensuring you’re paid what you’re worth. They’re not foolproof, but if you command all three it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll earn a fair compensation for your time and effort…

Experience — If you’re just starting out don’t expect to make as much as a seasoned pro. You’ll get there with time; just don’t let the pitfalls deter you. Experience is one of those intangible things that can’t be taught, yet can still be learned. Stick with it!

Knowledge — That you should know your craft is a no brainer. There’s a lot of competition out there you have to know your stuff inside-and-out to have a decent chance at landing jobs. The good news is that by subscribing to magazines, blogs and joining Dale Carnegie Training courses, you’ll position yourself ahead of 99% of your competition, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Confidence — This is where the old “talk the talk, walk the walk” credo comes in. You must believe in yourself and be confident enough to speak the lingo of your business in order to answer clients’ questions and close deals. This alone can take you a long way. I have a good friend who went to work in an art gallery in New York. He sold a ton of paintings and made a lot of money because he learned the lingo. He doesn’t know a damn thing about fine art, but like Elvis always said, he “…fooled them all for a long time.”

Of course, there are other criteria that come into play when it comes to getting paid what you’re worth, but if you focus on experience, knowledge, and confidence, you’ll have a good start on reaping the compensation you deserve.

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