7 Strategies for Effective Listening

July 17, 2013

ambro couple (2)Leaders and managers across Alabama all have the same challenge; we have a lot of challenges and there are a lot of things going on. Everyone is in high gear as we head deeper into the year. It takes teams and employee engagement to build on each day’s activities.

Of course, everyone is human and we are all prone to mistakes. As we look at all of the processes within   work environments, the biggest factor has to be effective and active listening.

The skill of active listening can make or break an organization focused on success. It was once said that no one learns a thing if they are the one who is talking, and as focused students of Dale Carnegie Training will have to agree. Listening is not easy. It takes practice. As an interpersonal skill, it involves both work and understanding. But listening can be an enjoyable process if we are focused on learning and the understanding that listening is a true leadership responsibility.

  • Listen for ideas: Keep an open mind  
  • Minimize distractions: Focus on the message
  • Pay attention: Be respectful and understand the purpose of the communication
  • Keep an open mind: Listen with equality and keep learning in mind
  • Organize the message: Listening helps place a lot of information into order and that makes responses easier to address.
  • Never think past the immediacy of the subject:: Short term retention is lost when we are thinking what to say or when we are preparing our thoughts
  • Ask questions when it is needed: Clarification increases the retention of information and allows us to remember what is important.

We should always listen more than we speak. Attitude, understanding, and perception will keep leadership focused on the true purpose of listening. Coupled with good feedback, we can make active listening the true tool it should be.


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