6 Dale Carnegie Leadership Skills that Support Success

July 3, 2013

leader image courtesy of jscreatios at FreeDigitalPhotos.netAcross Alabama, strong leadership is needed in every organization. Leaders and managers must have excellence within their strategy and goals in every action to grow business as we head through the halfway point of 2013. Although it can be said that leadership is a very challenging skill, every single one of us knows its importance. No matter the business direction, leadership means more than competency.

Hers are six Dale Carnegie Leadership Skills that can support the success of everyone:

  • Growing strong relationships: Connecting with others is essential for both growth and opportunity. Teambuilding is dynamic and a key ingredient for achievement.
  • Managing stress in the workplace: Challenges and pressure exist in every aspect of the organization. Managing every activity with a sense of calm and clear vision makes the completion a little easier.
  • Adapting to fast business climates: Confidence and positive effort help create quality decision-making and problem solving; finding answers that work will make or break leadership.
  • Influencing outcomes through outstanding leadership: The power of leadership is solely dependent on how the message is shared and how the purpose is communicated.
  • Getting cooperation to achieve results:  Everyone has to be heading in the right direction and everyone must contribute in every way. Success is truly team-driven.
  • Setting the right example: Although the quality of both leadership and management has to be very high, it is through sincerity and understanding that everything happens and the difference is noticed.

Communicating vision clearly and concisely helps maintain momentum in this still challenging economy. It is up to both the leadership and the teams to have confidence for both opportunity and progress.


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Photo: jzcreationzs, freedigitalphotos.net

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