9 FREE Guidebooks from Dale Carnegie Training in Birmingham Alabama

May 29, 2013

stuart Miles teamLeaders in the workplace can always use tips and information that help business grow. Dale Carnegie Training here in Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama offers a wide variety of course, seminars, events, and online training that make teams and organizations more successful.

What many businesses might not know is that Dale Carnegie offers a wide menu of Training Guidebooks that serve as key road maps in today’s challenging economy. Here are some of the offerings that can be found with this helpful link:

  • Dale Carnegie’s Secrets of Success: Dale Carnegie’s Key Principles offer key ingredients to success
  • Presentation Effectiveness: Speaking effectively is critical in any situation
  • Sales Effectiveness: Resolving objections and building long-term relationships work every time
  • Outstanding Customer Service: World class service begins with people
  • Interviewing: Land the ideal position using these job interview tips
  • Conflict Resolution: Interpersonal conflicts happen in every workplace. Managing attitude and behavior help minimize these situations
  • Leadership Coaching: Motivating individuals to excellence increases team and organizational performance
  • ASTD Study on Achieving Successful Engagement: Bring out the best in people and solutions can be the foundation to success
  • ASTD Study on Employee Engagement: Learning truly affects employee engagement levels across all departments and divisions; growth is key to culture and climate health

These nine guide books, offered for free with a simple download, give leaders and employees the structure to build employees into individual success stories.

Download your copy today courtesy of Dale Carnegie Training – Birmingham Alabama!


This post is brought to you by the good folks at Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama, providers of professional development and management development courses and information in Huntsville, Alabama. We would love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter @DaleCarnegieALA

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