7 Elements that Help Leaders Do the Right Thing

April 22, 2013

Master isolated images posssibleIn Dale Carnegie’s newest book, How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age, there is a chapter entitled, Call Out Mistakes Quietly.  This chapter is full of advice on how leadership and management must handle mistakes and improve success for everyone in the organization.

The following seven elements really can help leaders do things right for their employees:

  • Always call attention to mistakes quietly and indirectly. In essence, no one wants to be embarrassed in front of others.
  • Leaders must always model true behavior. It is critical to set the example.
  • Find key influencers in the organization that will model the behavior you want to promote. Mentors spread the word.
  • Appeal to the greater good. It will influence both action and thought.
  • Make business changes easy to adopt by everyone. Make sure resources and support are available.
  • Never punish a wrong openly and in public view. Close the door and use the situation for improvement and self- confidence.
  • Remember that a mistake is never a fatal flaw. Everything is redeemable.

Leaders can only create opportunity when they are honest and patient in handling mistakes. It always is to the leader’s advantage to assess everything in a positive way and focus on the individual. Within the Alabama Carnegie community, it can mean success.


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