The Business Foundation is Customer Service

April 11, 2013

renjith krishnanAre the customer and client always right? This question has been debated for decades or longer and probably will be assessed years from now. It is a powerful and l logical axiom. When we think about it across Alabama and within the circles of Dale Carnegie, we realize that a satisfied customer is the only foundation for businesses that want success, especially if they are involved in products and services.

There is a voluminous amount of truth in the focus that happy consumers are a direct reflection of what an organization does internally in support of its goals and objectives. The external signal is consistently customer satisfaction. In this budget conscious marketplace, we are slowly making inroads back to the normalcy we had in a once upbeat economy. Paying attention to consumers in a positive way and solving problems that they have is at the heart of success and the historic Dale Carnegie Principles.

The focus on customer service always sets the tone for increased employment, opportunity and growth. It takes the active participation of every single team member in the organization, no matter large or small to accept the challenge of the customer coming first before the company does. From the owner to the manager to the worker, striving for excellence in a time of increased global and domestic competition will always help ensure prosperity and survival.

Getting advice from clients through personal contact and social media will give the blanket of commentary needed to adjust services and create communicative goals. Everyone needs to be involved to learn from and discuss the feedback received from clients. The more information, the better the chances for continuous improvement that makes the client number one. Effort and strategy make the organization stronger no matter the economic condition. It is all about winning friends and influencing people.


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