6 Reasons Why Salespeople Become Fails People

February 8, 2013

jscreationzs 3We have all seen it in sales across Alabama. Some people just do not make it. They come into the profession with a focus on service and a commitment to building a book of business, and they do not even last a year. If they only truly knew what went wrong, they might have been able to fix the problem and stay in sales. There usually is a dose of blame that goes around. Often, sales managers, other salespeople, customers, and the economy get the pointed finger, but it truly is the salespeople who have turned themselves into “fails people”.

Let’s look at why failure in the business happens to good people:

  • They are not consistent enough to make it in sales: Steady growth in both clientele and in sales is essential.
  • They do not learn from mistakes: In sales, mistakes cost money. Customers go away and buy elsewhere, and problems happen. 
  • They are too good, too fast: We see quick and early success that combines with acute and increased ego development; six months later they have moved on.
  • They do not make enough money: Commissioned salespeople can make as much money as they want in the industry they sell in, or they can make as little as they want. Short paychecks make for short careers.
  • They do not prospect: It is not who you know or what you know, it is who knows you. People who like and trust salespeople recommend them. Meeting people is an important part of selling.
  • They pick the wrong industry: Often successful professionals in one industry do not make it when they move to a new one; even if it is one with similar products and services.

No matter who salespeople work for, they truly are their own boss. Setting a schedule and setting sensible goals and objectives help to ensure that success is around the corner. Check out Dale Carnegie Sales Training for just the right foundation here in Alabama.


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