Six Questions to Improve Business Networking

December 5, 2012

Networking across the economic circles here in Alabama is at the heart of success in both leadership and sales opportunity. Online and through our smartphones we often use Facebook, Twitter, Google + and SMS as we build quality relationships. But it is just as essential to go “off-line” to meet in person and assess how the connection can get better.

In networking event it is perfectly okay to answer the following questions as the relationship develops:

  • Are the individual’s interests, values, and backgrounds similar to yours?
  • Do you complement each other?
  • Are they competent and professional?
  • Will you be seeing them often in business?
  • Do you enjoy their company?
  • Can you make each other better?

Interpersonal relationships, especially in business and within organizations, strengthen contributions and build mission and core values. In fact, success is a key factor when blended into this opportunity. In the Dale Carnegie Principles for Enhancing Relationships, John Maxwell uses these strategies stating, “Relational skills are the most important abilities in leadership.”    

In a succinct summary, here are those incredibly important principles that involve Carnegie style relationships:

  • Never criticize or complain
  • Give honest appreciation
  • Arouse an eager want for mutual benefit
  • Always be smiling
  • Remember names
  • Actively listen
  • Be truly interested in others
  • Make the other person feel important  

Meeting new people and developing professional relationships are integral to every organization in Alabama. The way to growth is a simple one. Opportunities should attract mutual interest. In an e-mail, a phone call, on Facebook or in a networking event, great ideas to increase success can happen if done right.


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