8 Traits of a Successful Leader

November 13, 2012

What makes someone an effective leader or manager?  The answer to this question is multi-faceted, as an effective leader or manager has many different dimensions.

And as all great leaders know, they need to be constantly working at honing their management and leaderships skills while broadening their knowledge about the organization for which they work.

To help you or someone you know become a better, more confident leader, your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama have listed below eight character traits you should possess.  They are:

1. Builds Relationships — Top managers develop strong bonds with staff members, colleagues and executives. This provides a platform for working as a team. It also helps them gain respect and trust from coworkers.

2. Communicates Effectively — Top managers are able to communicate in a variety of media. They connect person-to-person and get their message across clearly when on the phone, in-person or via email.

3. Implements Top Listening And Questioning Skills — Top managers know that it is important to listen before speaking. And once they are aware of what they need to know, they ask pertinent questions to see what alternatives or issues need to be addressed.

4. Able To Build A Team — Top managers are able to develop their staff so they can interact more effectively with each other. They create a synergy that motivates the team to produce greater results than they would by working individually.

5. Understands The Financial Aspects Of Business — Top managers know that profitable sales growth is the key to a successful business. They look at financial goals and measure and manage by designated metrics to ensure success.

6. Can Create A Positive Work Environment — Top managers realize that positive morale and recognition is important to keep everyone motivated. Without positive motivation, people will not work as hard for the organization.

7. Leads by Example — Top managers know when to roll their sleeves up and pitch in to get things done. They also have the knowledge on how to accomplish goals and are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve the end result.

8. Helps People Grow And Develop Their Skills — Top managers know the difference between education and on-the-job learning. They are concerned about people’s development and career growth. They look for the right ways to help their employees maximize their skills and knowledge.

Every step you take during your career helps mold you into a better leader or manager. Embodying the characteristics listed above will help make you an effective leader. You know you are a respected leader or manager when people are not only following you, but also voluntarily serving as your advocate.

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