9 Ways to Coach Your Employees to Success

November 6, 2012

At Dale Carnegie Training Alabama, we say, “Practice makes permanent.” Before an employee or employees take on a new project or task, it is important that they practice. As a leader, it is important that you coach them through the practice sessions. Here are some practice techniques that can help you coach your employees to success!

—Practice with a partner allows the greatest amount of time for practices, but has the lowest accountability. To encourage realism, have each person take a role that he or she knows well. For a challenge, include feedback and coaching, and insert realistic situations.

— Triads build more accountability and can include more opportunity for observation, feedback, and coaching.

— Sit-down drills encourage everyone to learn very brief processes through memorization.

— Small-group practice adds accountability.

—  Contests allow employees to compete in small groups. Winning “best practices” can be delivered in front of the full group.

— “Pick-it-up-from-here” allows the entire group to get involved in a situation that you create and explain.

— Line rotation gets everyone involved and is great for practicing a short skill.

— Full-group practice has the highest accountability, because each person must practice in front of the full group. The trainer or manager has the opportunity to coach and respond with everyone.

— When coaching an individual in front of the full group, give praise and encouragement. Make sure to keep everyone involved by asking questions and soliciting group feedback for individuals.

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