Improving Morale and Motivation

October 31, 2012

Low morale in the workplace is a common occurrence, but it doesn’t need to be a detriment if it’s handled correctly. If you suspect that you may have a problem with low morale because employees are exhibiting excessive absenteeism or tardiness, poor work quality, lack of enthusiasm, fighting among staff or a higher number of customer complaints, you need to determine which aspects of your workplace are creating the dissatisfaction with the job and then remedy them.

There are several good ways to increase morale and motivation without incurring high costs. The key is being proactive in identifying the problem and then devising a suitable solution. And this applies whether your employees are disgruntled or not, because making their work lives more satisfying and productive will enhance the bottom line of any company. The first place to start is usually…

Building Employees’ Self-Esteem

An individual’s self esteem lies at the heart of what type of performer he or she will be in the workplace. If an employee is proud of the job that he or she does, the work quality will reflect that. Employees who have bad self-images are more likely to exhibit negative feelings, resulting in an upswing of poor performance.

There are many ways to boost employees self esteem, depending on the employee and the means at your disposal. Some ways are as simple as providing recognition for a task well done, such as a simple thank you or a reward. This can be particularly gratifying for an employee whose work generally occurs behind-the-scenes.

Other ways to help build employee self-esteem are:

—Sponsor employees in weight control or fitness programs.

—Pay for employees to attend Dale Carnegie public speaking or other professional development classes.

—Pay for employees to learn about personal financial planning, either through classes or literature.

—Ask employees to conduct a class that teaches you and other employees a skill or procedure that they do well.

—Recognize successes in and out of the workplace, both personal and professional, such as an employee completing her graduate degree or an employee earning his black belt in martial arts.

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