Developing a Sales Success Attitude

October 12, 2012

Developing and understanding how your attitude relates to your career is a very important first step to increasing your sales success. Once you have an attitude understanding, you can better develop a personal value statement. A personal value statement is absolutely critical to communicating the value you provide to a client. This article from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama will explore how to ensure that you are providing value first.

What is Your Value Offer?

It is critical you convey the value you offer when communicating with clients. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself to determine your value offer. How do you help others? What problems do you solve? What profit opportunity do you offer a customer?

Expert Status

Part of personal branding is establishing yourself as an expert. You don’t want to just be one of a million in your professional field. You need to stand out in the highly competitive world of sales. Find one or two areas in which you believe you are an expert. If you are having trouble determining your area of expertise, ask your manager, a colleague, or a friend.

Developing Your Value Statement

After you have determined the value you offer and the areas in which you are an expert, you can begin to build your value statement. Building a value statement is very simple. Your statement should answer two questions: Why would someone want to know me? What is unique about me? By answering these two questions, you will be able to create a very powerful statement that can be used with clients and prospects. This statement should be a guiding light that can focus your sales presentations, conversations, and introductions. A strong value statement that sets you apart should be the foundation of all of your sales efforts.


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