Take Care of Your Customers

September 4, 2012

Customer service here in Alabama is the foundation of every retail environment across the United States. Sometime we are so focused on profits and sales that we place the customer needs and wants down that list of priorities. It is always essential to move the customer back to the top for a wide variety of reasons. And it is not just for profit and growth. Knowing the customer ensures continued organizational longevity. Every few months, there needs to be a customer focused assessment strategy that supports continuing loyalty and patience.

The customer who purchases products and services does so because of the company and the product or service. But what do we know about the client and their needs, wants and experience?

Clients have a clear demographic status and a culture and business that the organization needs to know about. Here is a possible information gathering step-by-step process.

  • Know the customer’s culture and current situation: What are they buying and why? What are they spending per transaction? What do they think of your products, service and follow up?
  • Opportunity means frequency: Poll your clients twice a year and document the feedback. Ask for advice and honest information that might be both good or bad.
  • Communication is a key ingredient: Have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blog post presence and engage the client with information and support. Do an e-newsletter on a bimonthly basis and fill it with employee and client information that is of an entertaining or informative nature. Maintain an e-mail list of clients and assign employees to call customers and get personal feedback about products and services.

Always involve clients in every aspect of the business. Engage them on a regular basis and most importantly, never forget that without them, the business will not exist. Pay attention to customers in a positive way and always keep them involved.


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