5 Essential Aspects of Successful Selling

August 22, 2012

In sales it is all about sincerity. Being good at what you do and just plain being good are critical to success here in Alabama. You have to remember that you are always selling. From the time you get up, to the time you get up again, you have about 24 hours to be on stage. You sell yourself out of bed in the morning, sell during the day and sell yourself a little relaxation time before you turn in.

There are five essential aspects of sales that will keep  you in success mode:

  • Motivation:  As everyone in sakes knows today, it is not always about the money. Taking care of customers in a positive way and involving them in every aspect of the process will bring you the living you need and want. Motivation happens with both parties.
  • Engagement: trust and relationship must happen every time you talk with a client. As Mr. Carnegie stated in How to Win Friends and Influence People with Principle #4, “Begin in a friendly way.” That focus maintains true engagement.
  • Execution: Follow the “road to the sale” or the process and procedure that works best for you. Practice and get your strategies from the Dale Carnegie Sales Training portfolio. Know that every situation has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Stay true to the training.
  • Presentation: It is important that your knowledge base includes all aspects of your products and services. You serve as an expert and you have to anticipate answers to every question. Make high energy and uniqueness an integral part of the presentation.
  • Communication: Nothing in the above four areas will be successful without open and honest communication. Your message is at the heart of both client management and income. Listen for both information and objections, and let the customer talk about why your product and services are needed.

Although there are never any absolutes in the sales business, there are not as many exceptions as you might think either. These above aspects of sales excellence will help ensure growth even in the leanest times.


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