8 Ingredients for Successful Leadership in Alabama

July 18, 2012

valuesintopractice comEmployees perceive their value as an individual through the prism of the immediate manager. Good leadership skills pay dividends as they translate into higher levels of engagement and all the consequent positive effects on the organization.

Let’s look at eight important tips for successful leadership:

  • Always be yourself: Leaders who are sincere and comfortable with themselves will always do well. People are attracted to honesty and candor and they truly appreciate the openness.
  • Consistently positive attitude: No matter the situation or the issue, attitude is an incredibly important part of success. It is the very first thing everyone notices and talks about.
  • Ethics and integrity: Sticking with clear principles and a foundation of honesty. It is through a strong character and a willingness to facilitate opportunity equally and fairly, that makes solid stewardship.
  • Clear understanding of role: The strength of knowing weakness will bring the leader role to results. Knowing what one’s capability is makes a difference.
  • Macro-manage: Letting the team decide and manage while the leader directs the overall organization as a system creates the maximum amount of opportunity for all involved.
  • Communication: Simple and consistent messages that are always optimistic regardless of challenge or concern will always bolster the organization.
  • Manage risk and change: Although this is a tough part of leadership, they both go hand-in-hand. Managing change will minimize overall risk.
  • Growth and development:  Every day good leaders improve on both mistakes and challenges. Continuous improvement affects the whole business in a positive way.

Check out The Dale Carnegie Principles for more tips on being a successful leader.


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