Dwayna Powe Joins Dale Carnegie Training in Birmingham, AL!

July 10, 2012

Birmingham, AL, June15, 2012 – Dwayna Powe has joined Covert & Associates, the local franchise of Dale Carnegie Training as a Sales Representative. Dwayna will work with existing Carnegie customers and develop new business connections within Birmingham.

Prior to joining Carnegie Dwayna was the Marketing and Development Coordinator for Amridge University where her role was to assess the career needs of current and prospective students and align those needs with a degree plan best suited for their career path.

“We are simply delighted that we were able to attract an associate of Dwayna’s caliber to our organization, says Nancy Covert, franchise President.

Dwayna’s major duties at Dale Carnegie Training will include meeting local business people to discuss soft skill solutions and make recommendations to accelerate their business success. In addition, she will coordinate both public and corporate solution activities and represent the franchise at local conferences and trade shows.

Dwayna is pursuing a PhD in Training and Performance Improvement from Capella University. She has an MS degree in Training and Performance Improvement in the School of Education from Capella University. She also possesses a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Auburn University Montgomery. Dwayna is originally from Montgomery, AL.

About Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training® is a global provider of locally delivered training in
leadership, sales, interpersonal and communications skills essential to improving the performance of individuals and teams, and adding value to organizations.Dale Carnegie Training is represented in all 50 of the United States and over 75 countries. More than 2,700 instructors present Dale Carnegie Training programs in more than 25 languages. Dale Carnegie Training is dedicated to serving the business community worldwide. In fact, approximately 7 million people have completed Dale Carnegie Training.


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