What’s the Problem with Low Corporate Morale?

June 20, 2012

Determining what the cause is for low morale in a corporate environment is challenging even to the most seasoned HR teams. Whenever staffers become negative, and it can happen at all levels of the business, it will affect the business. Is it happening in your business? If employees are late to work, absent or just have low productivity, these are all symptoms of this big problem.

Why Does It Happen?

When morale drops it is most likely the end result of various factors present in the workplace – this could be from various factors. By taking the time to identify the cause, it is possible to improve all of those symptoms – improving the productivity of employees and ensuring everyone is at work when they should be. How can you determine what is at the cause of low employee morale? The following tips can help you.

  • External factors can be a part of it. For example, the recent housing market and financial crashes affect families. There could be a problem with social aspects of a person’s life affecting that individual. Encourage employees to open up to their feelings and the factors affecting them to reverse these problems.
  • Are workloads too much? In some cases, an employee may consider his or her workload to be too much. The duties of the job could play a part in the experience they are having on the job. Those who feel they have unrealistic tasks to do in a day, and it happens day in and day out, are going to become very negative about their experiences. Sometimes, a shortage of employees can cause this. In other cases, it may be necessary to improve training or to reassess the situation.
  • Employee events can play a role, especially if you do not take them seriously. If employees in one department are being hired in and layoffs are occurring in another area, this will affect the morale of the entire team. When it comes to finding out what types of events are affecting your employees in this manner, do spend some time listening to the “rumor mill.” Find out what is happening and ensure that you deal directly with each employee involved in the situation.
  • Consider the leadership within your business. Sometimes, poor quality leadership can be an important cause. On the other hand, it may be that leaders are not communicating well enough for employees. That can lead to problems in the business, too. There should be a bridge between employees and leaders indicating the importance of employees in the business.

Understanding poor corporate morale means you can do something about it. If you do not take the time to do that, you could be punishing your employees without realizing it. High turnover and poor productivity can be leading causes in this situation. Getting leaders trained in better communication skills and people management is also a step you can take – and Dale Carnegie can help!

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