5 Teambuilding Tips that Build a Strong Workforce

June 4, 2012

Teamwork is a necessary component to any successful business. Even when jobs are significantly different, all businesses personnel need to be able to work as a team to complete tasks. Team-building, then, is a very important component to creating success within the organization. Building a team is not as easy as it may seem, though there are some tips and tricks that can help.

Tip #1 – Set and Maintain Expectations

Employees need to know what is expected of them. This should include the expected performance of the employee. It is important to ensure why the team is important and how their role on the team helps achieve the business’s goals.

Tip #2 – Ensure the Team Has Control

Provide the team with some control about how they achieve the desired results for the project or tasks. Ensure supervision remains, but at the same time, allow the team members to make their own decisions as a group. Decisions should be for the betterment of the group, not just one individual.

Tip #3 – Collaboration Is Key

Every member of the team must be participating in order for success to occur. Collaboration as a team is a necessary component to success within the business. Team members must understand the responsibilities of other team members and their own, and work together to achieve goals, solve problems and even set new goals.

Tip #4 – Communication Remains Open

Also important for building teamwork spirit is to establish and maintain open lines of communication between employees and supervisors as well as between members of the team. This creates a stronger workforce because everyone can feel as though they can communicate in a method they prefer, as they need to. An important part of that communication is feedback, but so is asking questions.

Tip #5 – Accountability and Responsibility Are Linked

Each team member needs to be aware of and take responsibility for his or her actions as well as being held accountable for the decisions the team makes. Putting in place timelines and deadlines can also help ensure the process is easy to streamline. If a task is not complete, feedback is given. Holding professionals accountable for their job, everyone remains on the same page in terms of where the goals are.

To build a strong workforce, build a team. To achieve this, ensure that the groundwork is in place to allow individuals to work well within a team atmosphere.

While open communication may be a challenge with large teams, or those that operate from multiple locations, it should be encouraged at all levels of an organization. Improving communication skills is the subject of Dale Carnegie course Effective Communication and Human Relations Skills for Success, enrolling now.

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