Telling Your Story to Make More Sales

May 4, 2012

Everyone loves a good yarn once in a while. You know, a tale that intrigues others and gets people excited about what you are saying? As a sales pro, how well you can share information in the form of a true story can make a big difference in your career.

There’s a secret in every salesperson’s bag of “tricks” that includes the ability to tell excellent stories for the benefit of customers. Based on true experiences and testimonials of clients, your stories should include several elements in order to successfully inspire your prospects.

What a Good Sales Story Needs

If you want to make sure your stories make the grade, then they should include the right bits of information that will make your prospects  pay attention. Here’s what to include:

  • Something unique or interesting about the prospect that he or she can relate to. Be it something special about the industry, the region, or the kind of values that your prospect has, make sure you really know how to relate your story to your potential client. Take the time to ask good questions to find a story that’s relevant. This lets the prospect know you are genuinely interested and not merely trying to make a sale.
  • Share information that demonstrates your expertise on a particular topic. Develop your story from this point, by bringing up a scenario that occurred with a real customer, and then how you were able to solve a problem or address a need. Include examples of how your skills or knowledge exceeded those of your peers.
  • Provide visuals to give the prospect a clear picture of your abilities. By painting a picture with words you will likely get the prospect listening keenly to your story. However, to really give it impact, show rather than just tell. Give the prospect a tour of  your portfolio, or provide a view of your company website to get that “wow” factor going.
  • Include a value statement to prove your integrity and commitment. You’ll want to emphasize through your storytelling abilities how much you appreciate your customers. Include an example of a time when your hard work resulted in the success of your customers. This will send the message home to your prospect.

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