Big Action Breeds Big Confidence

April 18, 2012

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump—one of the world’s biggest real estate developers—knows what it takes to achieve success on a grand scale. Today we take a look at an excerpt from his book, “Think Big And Kick Ass In Business and Life”…

Turn your big thoughts into big action as fast as you can. Do not let excuses—“I’m not smart enough,” or “I do not have enough experience,” or “I’m too young,” or “I’m too old,” too female or too black, too fat or too thin, too bald, too athletic, or too nerdy, hold you back. These are all just empty excuses. Drop them.

Excuses are a symptom of fear. Plunge in and do the thing you fear the most and your fear will vanish. Nobody is born with confidence. All confidence is acquired. Get the action habit, and your confidence will soar.

Do not spend too much time planning or trying to anticipate and solve problems before they happen. That is just another kind of excuse for procrastination. Until you start, you won’t know where the problems will occur. You won’t have the experience to solve them. Instead, get into the action, and solve the problems as they arise.

Stop thinking and start doing. Start with small things, and take on progressively bigger and bigger challenges to build confidence. That is how Olympic athletes get to the top. They push themselves to bigger and bigger goals, one step at a time.

Actually it is not what you know when you start that matters. It is what you can learn as you go along. When you are starting something new and challenging, always think, “Can do.” Your capacity to do anything is simply a state of mind. How much you can do depends on how much you think you can do. Many people get used to working on a certain level of efficiency. When circumstances demand it, they do much more than they think. Start thinking you can do more. Do not build a single-family home, without considering how much more is would cost to construct a multi-unit building or a whole development project. Try to make everything you do bigger, better, and bolder.

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