The Five Essentials of Sales

February 21, 2012

Social Media is exploding across the sales world. Salespeople and customer alike carry the same information tools. Devices like an iPad, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, and iPhone are everywhere. All of us carry at least one device. Customers know everything about what they might want to buy. And their education level on a particular product is very high. They are the new experts because of these devices. Unfortunately, salespeople are still catching up with the technology. Here in Alabama, everyone is on a learning curve to stay up with the consumers and their wants and needs.  It keeps getting tougher.

No matter the high speed world and the Web 2.0 environment we live and sell in, there still is room for the classic salesperson in the Dale Carnegie mold. Credibility, rapport, and solid, honest communication skills create relationships of great personal and professional value. In fact, at the heart of Carnegie Training is purpose and process. It is always a win-win for the customer and the salesperson.

The following five elements have to be in every successful salesperson who works the floor.

  • Excellence:  No one is asking every single one of us to be great in sales, but Carnegie Training and reinforcement can get salespeople with potential to be very good. Unfortunately, not everyone is a salesperson. We survive or go away.
  • Love Thy Customer:  Everyone who sells must have only the interests of the customer in mind.
  • Assertive Listening: Listening, not hearing, is the most important skill in sales. It has to improve every day. It is never easy to listen, but it is a “must do” in sales.
  • Positive Energy: Being positive is everything! Attitude is everything. Being upbeat, friendly and personable are critical and essential elements for sales success.
  • Professionalism: Because the customer knows more about the products than the salesperson does, salespeople have to be experts in both the product and the unexpected. When a customer is with you and engages in the process, it is what you do that continues to the close.

When salespeople are trained to do well, they often will do well. Training and understanding are critical to making it in the tough world of sales. The elements to success are both identifiable and common sense. Being the best, just like in NASCAR, takes time, talent and luck!  Take a Carnegie class soon!

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