Simplifying Leadership – A Strategy for Personal Success

February 18, 2012

For many, the path to leadership seems like a complicated path of personal and professional decisions that no one could possibly anticipate. Even the unlikeliest of leaders has often walked through some tough things, bringing along a series of life lessons that eventually led to a degree of success. But, when it comes to the perception of success as a whole, most people tend to think of a life less encumbered by the worries of daily life – money, stress, and responsibilities.

Basically, when asked to picture success, most adults would like to experience a return to simplicity. While being a leader is never really easy, and the path to success can be a difficult one, the strategy for finding personal success should be a lot easier than most think.

The following 3 steps can help you take a more simplified approach to your own personal success strategy.

Step 1 – Positivity. The well-known “Law of Attraction” is a basic principle that even Dale Carnegie’s teachings would agree with, on some levels. By being positive, it is possible to attract positive things into one’s life. That can be anything from relationships to big money deals. While it’s true that being positive goes way farther then being a negative person, a positive attitude is the primary foundation of true leadership.  Having a positive, can-do attitude about life and work in general, puts you in the right frame of mind to find success sooner.

Step 2 – Communicate. The hallmark of all successful people is that they have fine-tuned the art of communication from an early age. The sooner you learn how to communicate well with others, the better off you shall be as a leader in your own field of interest. Obviously, being able to speak with clarity and tact is absolutely vital to this communication, but it is just as important to listen well. By hearing what others have to say, one can be more open to the innovation and creativity all around you. This can be the source of new ideas and changes that can propel you into a higher level of success.

Step 3 – Challenged. Not only do leaders do the impossible, they expect a lot out of others around them. This is due to a large drive to be challenged in all that they do. When leaders do what they do, then others start to challenge themselves too. To be a leader means to continually challenge yourself and expect the best in all areas of your life. From personal health and lifestyle to corporate responsibility and ethics, leaders overcome challenges every step of the way.

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