The Four Ingredients of Good Leaders

February 13, 2012

Every leader and manager in Alabama faces similar challenges. This is the time of year that sets the tone for the rest of 2012.  Four ingredients of focus and commitment will help create the success that the organization must have to grow.

  • Results: While many in leadership make accurate decisions and solve problems, it is always a good thing when they are blended with results. These results have to be planned in advance and are part of the process. Knowing where the organization is headed at all times and addressing possible obstacles in advance make the direction very clear.
  • Enthusiasm:  The best leaders are truly positive and excited for the future. This combination of opportunity and commitment is very powerful.  Enthusiasm is contagious and this passion recognizes talent and the potential to grow.
  • Truth: The most important consistency in both leaders and managers is the ability to always tell the truth no matter the situation. Honesty helps people improve and the feedback creates mutual respect; at the same time it gives individuals direction and a new opportunity.
  • Integrity: There is nothing more important than who and what you are as a leader. Dale Carnegie once said, “If you believe in what you are doing, than let nothing hold you up in your work.” Leadership is personal and is an array of beliefs that hold together even in the most challenging of times. Every day begins and ends with integrity.

Leaders who support these processes will always be in line for success. As the Dale Carnegie Training here in Alabama has always suggested; balancing leadership with people and process are the essentials of every endeavor.

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