The Nature of Management is Leadership

January 31, 2012

You would think that leadership and management are two different roles that people with authority in organizations use as they see fit. The fact of the matter is that it is very tough at times to separate these two critical responsibilities. Many situations, especially within relationships and tasks, involve the discretion of both roles to make things happen.

Ability and experience are also blended with management and leadership to assess the quality of the direction needed to make the organization a successful one. Influencing others to achieve goals and work toward completing objectives is integral; the implementing and monitoring of both behavior and processes make today’s manager a good leader. Although some managers simply are not goo dleaders, the gap between the two is smaller and smaller as the economy struggles to get back to normal.

There are some very distinctive factors that are shared between the two functions.

  • Direction: Giving guidance that involves completing goals and objectives is central to accomplishments and rewards.
  • Skill Development: Improving the levels of performance among employees is essential  as well.
  • Improving Processes: Getting the team better every day through cooperation and focus is integral to both.
  • Communication: Having the ability to create messages, listen, and build relationships is the foundation for each role; being friendly and approachable are key factors.
  • Creating Accountability: Making each individual in the organization grow in responsibility helps to create achievement-oriented behavior.

These five factors, borrowed from the excellent course, Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers, must continue to be the focus of today’s successful organization. Whether we call it leadership management or we name it management leadership, the qualities of authority, influence, and power will remain as the truest perspectives within the nature of successful leadership across Alabama for years to come.

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