Three Ways of Turning Your Customers Into Raving Fans

January 21, 2012

If you are worried about the way your customers feel about you, or you are noticing you are not getting as many leads and sales calls as you did in the past, perhaps it’s time to start making your customers into raving fans? Sure, you can work on making sure your customers are happy, but there’s a fine line between a satisfied customer and a raving fan. Raving fans are those people who love to talk positively about you to their networks, be around you as much as possible, and keep coming back for more interactions with you. These are the customers who would never even think of taking their business elsewhere, and they let everyone else know this fact.

The raving fan level is where you want your customers to exist, because they will become your biggest source of support and repeat business imaginable. It all just starts with you. Read on to learn three simple ways of turning your customers into raving fans.

  • Deliver on your promises. Customers want what everyone else wants – to be respected and have promises honored. Where the raving fan aspect comes in is when you set things up to “under-promise and over-deliver”. This means to gather as much information about the client’s needs as possible, really listening to what the client wants, and then setting your deadline date out a few extra days. This is actually a good practice to get into, because it gives you more time in case of an unexpected delay, and you very often deliver the results earlier than expected. This can help you shine in the mind of the customer, making you the hero.
  • Be available and responsive. Customers are depending on you to take care of their needs, therefore when they reach out to you, you should be ready to serve them. While this can be a challenge, particularly if you are a solo-entrepreneur or have a multitude of other customers and tasks to attend to, there are ways to provide this responsiveness. For example, you can hire a live telephone assistant to field calls to you of a more urgent nature. You can use mobile devices to be available while out of the office. You can also take advantage of simple email tools like auto-responders to let customers know they matter to you.
  • Communicate well and often. It’s often been said that communication is the key to success, and in the case of customer relationship building this is certainly the scenario. Customers who become raving fans generally do so because they like what you have to say and how you say it. They may follow you on your company blog, on your Facebook page, and in the articles you write. They may prefer to talk to you on the phone each week. Learn to keep track of how your customers like to communicate best and then use this as an opportunity to create raving fans out of them over time. Explore other forms of communication to keep in touch, even if you don’t have any direct work going on.

As you begin to understand how your customers think, behave, and respond, you can build a fan base that will keep you growing as a customer service professional for years to come. Learn more about being an effective customer service pro and creating raving fans by attending a Dale Carnegie course this year.

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