Shhh! The Secret is Out!

January 17, 2012

On CBS Radio Network this morning, Charles Osgood, on his daily Osgood File, was talking Dale Carnegie. Both the concepts and the strategies of the Dale Carnegie sessions, workshops and classes come from common sense, and he wondered why these simple concepts of kindness, listening, and interpersonal commonality have to be taught. But he knew the secret.

It is indeed driven by simplicity. The Dale Carnegie concepts are so simply integral to both personal and professional success that people don’t think of them.  It is the basics. In fact, mastering the fundamentals of relationship is at the heart of the Carnegie Principles.

  • Making friends: It indeed starts in day care. The happiest babies not only get paid attention to but are always center stage.
  • Influencing others: First friendship, then trust; two people are always better than one. In this complicated Web 2.0 world, growth only happens through alliances. You cannot do it alone.
  • Handling complaints: Taking ownership and listening. Understanding the situation and taking action will solve even the most difficult of issues.
  • Becoming a better (speaker) conversationalist:  It takes discipline and practice to realize it is not about you.   It always starts with the other person.
  • Creating enthusiasm and passion: It is all about attitude. Optimism is not only engaging, it is attractive.
  • Being honest and sincere:  People know when you are full of artificial ingredients; the truth is always the easiest thing to recall and remember.
  • Arousing an eager want (the positives) from others: Being yourself in every situation and serving others first, are central to bringing out the most from others. You cannot lead or manage without them.

Just one class with the Dale Carnegie family and the secret is out. Let us let you in on the secret.

One of the best classes to get into for the Carnegie experience is coming up on Wednesday, February 22, in Birmingham. Click below for Strictly Business: The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar!

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